Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Summer school

I'm now one week into summer school. I'm still on track to graduate Magna Cum Laude in December with my Masters in Elementary Education. I'm down to my last four courses before student teaching in the fall. So far, I've kept up with the course work in the two classes this first summer session. One is a reading diagnostics class, for which I am seeing very practical application once I am in the classroom (not necessarily the case for all the required coursework....). The other is also a "reading" class - connecting reading and writing in the classroom. This course requires I keep a "writer's notebook", something I've never done before. Something someone wrote and read in class today really got my blood boiling, and it's inspired today's entry into my notebook. I think this entry will be worked over and will become my "personal piece", a required assignment due some time before June 30, the end of the first summer session. Once I have this piece to my liking, I'm pretty sure it will end up being posted here.....

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