Wednesday, August 16, 2006

More summer baseball fun

Well, I'm done with summer school, and student teaching hasn't begun yet, so I am pretty much free to go to as many baseball games as I want for the remainder of the season. Luke Scott got called up to the Astros some time after the All-Star break, and he's been doing great! I went to the game tonight, and as I was sitting in the rocker under the Home Run Porch, Travis Driskill, one of the bullpen pitchers was out in left field with his oldest son, who I'm guessing is about 10 or 11, hitting to him with a "fungo bat" - fly balls and grounders. BP was over, and the Express hadn't yet all come out to stretch before the game. The first player to come out was Joe McEwing. Joe came over to Driskill's son and coached him a little on how to field the grounders. Since Joe Mc has played in the Big Leagues, that's one lucky kid! That's one thing I love about The Dell Diamond - for the most part, the players are nice, good with the kids and appreciative of the fans. I guess I have a slightly different perspective on it, since my sisters both work out there, and they know a lot of the guys. Although the guys are chronologically adults, they are really just overgrown little boys. Driskill has been known to toss balls at my sister from the bullpen during games.... Anyway, today's game ended well. They played the Iowa Cubs, and won 6-3, with 3 of the run batted in by Joe Mc, with his two home runs on the night. Two more games this home stand, then the last home stand of the season is August 23-31. Here's to hoping the Express can maintain their 1st place standing in their division!

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