Saturday, December 16, 2006

Miss Ladybug, M.Ed.

Well, I've done it. Today, I graduated. Miss Ladybug, Master of Education, Summa Magna Cum Laude. Thankfully, I didn't have to sit through some cheesy commencement address - apparently, that honor was reserved for those candidates who were assigned to this morning's commencement ceremony.

I started work on my Masters in June 2005. I wouldn't have been able to finish it so quickly if not for my parents. It was tough at times, but I had my goal in mind, and I was determined to meet it. So, after 19 months, 12 classes and student teaching, I'm done.

My dad, who became a teacher after retiring from the Army, had advised it was best to student teach in the fall. Doing so would allow for more time to secure a teaching position for the next school year, while allowing for gainful employment through substitute teaching. I tell you what - those applications for teaching positions are much more complicated than for any other job I've ever applied for.

I have a particular district in mind for where I would like to teach, but I'll just have to wait and see how things turn out. I'm better off than some of my fellow graduates, since I will have the freedom to relocate for the right job - I'm not tied to the district where I currently live. I don't have a spouse, or a lease or a house to sell. As I continue to submit applications, I'm sure I'll post an update when I have found a place to teach. I might get lucky and find a position to begin in January, but more likely, it will be later in the spring when I find something for next fall.


La Shawn said...

Well done, woman!

Merry Christmas to you. :D

ABW said...

Okay, so I just stumbled on your blog, but congratulations! I am working on my M Ed and teaching 2nd grade.

Have your tried in Killeen? They hire thousands of new teachers each year. I'm not sure where you are located though.

My email is and my husband is currently on his third ridiculously long tour in Iraq. Sign....