Thursday, April 19, 2007

A rare thing in Hollywood

Jon Voight supports our troops, the entire war against Islamic terrorists, and our President.

He gets his news from somewhere other than NBC, CBS, ABC, or CNN:

Q. So I imagine you're a supporter of the Patriot Act?

A. Yes, I'm a supporter of the Patriot Act. I support protecting us and investigating anyone who indicates they're going to be dangerous to our country. It's one of those things; it depends on which side you're on politically. If we had these things in place we could have anticipated 9/11. We're not interested in investigating someone who's doing something appropriate. We don't have time for that. That's nonsense. I certainly hope we're paying close attention to all those people crossing our borders who might be dangerous to us. We know for sure there are cells in the United States that are ready to erupt. We know that Hezbollah is here; we know there are cells from different terrorist organizations that are here and operational and that there are others waiting too. So listen, it's a serious business. It's wartime, guys. Because we don't have a continuous attack on our shores, we can get complacent. We've got to all be alert now, we've got to be a part of it and be supportive of our troops for sure.

H/T Michelle Malkin


Snooper said...

Hollyweird must HATE this guy!

GREAT post! If only the rest of Hollyweird would catch the drift.

Miss Ladybug said...

At the end of the online article (I'd never heard of Radar before), the next article is linked: "The Iraq Gamble". Doesn't waste much time to get to the "we are fighting two unwinnable wars". That being said, it's maybe surprising that they seemed to treat Voight fairly with what he said: they didn't add commentary to it, just published his questions and answers, and didn't print any "gotcha" stuff.