Friday, May 25, 2007

Writing to my Senators. About immigration. Again.

I was greatly disappointed to read that you voted against an amendment to the proposed "immigration reform" legislation that would have set a 5-year limit on the proposed guest worker program. This amendment should have passed. If the proposed guest worker program works (if this legislation passes), then future Congressional legislation could reauthorize it. If it doesn't work, it needs to stop, and not be allowed to continue indefinitely.

I'll say it again: ENFORCEMENT ONLY FIRST. Once the Federal Government can PROVE to me that it can secure our borders and enforce existing immigration law, to include interior enforcement, then, and only then, will I consider other measures to deal with the 12 to 20 million illegal aliens who have entered the United States since the 1986 "comprehensive immigration reform" that promised both enforcement and amnesty. Last time, we got the amnesty, but the government "forgot" to follow up on the enforcement provisions. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

This issue is at the top of my "important issues" list, along with national security. I am paying attention to how you vote. I will not vote for any candidate who votes for amnesty, or anything that doesn't give us enforcement first of existing laws.


Lew Waters said...

I keep asking and receive no answers from our Representatives, Why do we need a "guest worker" program when we are paying out millions of dollars every year in unemployment benefits?

bthun said...

Miss Ladybug,


I have written my two Senators on this issue repeatedly along with my House rep. All three have an ® by their title, but I no longer believe the label and my vote if not my party affiliation will be changing to (I).

The huge disappointment that has become the legacy of the GOP's turn at the controls of the Congress if not also the Office of the President, is just not registering with the Senators and POTUS. Do you think that when they are ousted from office they will understand?

When did the GOP become the Dem-Lites?

IMO it's long past time for a viable third political party when the ten cent difference between the Donk’s and the modern day GOP's actions are now worth less than a penny.