Monday, November 12, 2007

1SG CJ Grisham Recognized for They Have Names

Since CJ didn't post a link to this over at ASP (although he did send out an email about it to whomever is on his distribution list...), I'll do it here:

From the Fort Bliss Monitor:

“I was so annoyed when the Soldier’s name wasn’t mentioned,” said 1st Sgt. C.J. Grisham, a senior counter-intelligence agent with B Company, 308th Military Intelligence Battalion. “That U.S. Soldier probably kept those two journalists alive as long as they were alive, and yet they didn’t bother to talk about him at all, even though all three died in the same attack.”

The May incident was Grisham’s determining factor to start the Web site, dedicated Capt. James Alex Funkhouser, the U.S. Soldier killed alongside the journalists. The site is also dedicated in memory of all the fallen Soldiers who died defending Americans’ freedoms.

Shortly after CJ saw that news report on TV, I read this on my university's website. Captain Funkhouser was an alumnus from Texas State University. Today, I see the campus Army ROTC remembers him, as well.

They Have Names isn't finished telling the stories of our armed forces who have made the ultimate sacrifice in The Long War. Stop by from time to time to read their stories, and to help support this effort by making a donation.

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