Saturday, January 5, 2008

Task Force Marne: Coalition Forces save two Iraqi girls

From the Task Force Marne website, a story about the good our soldiers are doing in Iraq:

Klibbe, a 2nd Platoon team leader, had just dismounted his vehicle when he heard an explosion up the road.

Driven by his training and fueled by a desire to learn what happened and administer any help needed, he said he took off at a dead sprint toward the explosion site.

Accompanying Klibbe was platoon medic, Spc. Scott Wolfe, a native of Millbrae, Calif.

They arrived at the scene with other Soldiers from the unit and were met by a man cradling a little girl in his arms.

Hajer, conscious but wounded, was bleeding from multiple shrapnel wounds.

A quick assessment by ‘Doc’ Wolfe, showed she had deep wounds to her stomach and shrapnel embedded in her torso and legs. The injuries were more than he could treat. He said the decision was made to evacuate her to Patrol Base Murray for more extensive care.

As the trucks rolled into position for ground evacuation, Hajer’s sister approached the Soldiers. Although she walked on her own, Nora sustained injuries. The most serious was a laceration across the right side of her head.

Nora was sent to PB Murray as well. They arrived by truck within four minutes.

US military doctors treated both girls, and Hajer, the more severely injured, is expected to "recover without any long-term disability."

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Michaele said...

I wish the news would report more of our country's kindnesses- but "ugly" stuff and anything that will get a rise out of people seems to be what a majority of the public craves. Somehow the bad behavior of celebritites is considered more noteworthy than the acts of humanity one can find in a warzone.

Thank you for posting the good stuff.