Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Marine Corps News: Proactive PSF takes fight to enemy

Checking up on my favorite Major in the Marine Corps at Any Soldier, and see that he had emailed in a link to this article. Things are getting better in Iraq:

“The PSF immediately responded to the incident and requested our support,” said Sgt. Robert K. Breese, the Co. G watch officer during the attack. “The PSF battled and neutralized the insurgents, with the Marines providing security just in case (the firefight) turned bad.”

This incident shows how the Iraqis are no longer relying on the Marines to come in and eliminate threats; rather they are taking matters into their own hands, fending off enemies themselves, for the safety of their country.

“Golf (Company) showed tremendous discipline when they arrived, allowing the Iraqi police to finish what they started,” said Maj. Gary A. Bourland, the battalion watch officer at the time. “A year ago, the Marines would have shown up to a situation like this and immediately eliminated the enemy themselves. Now, it’s almost as if we look over their shoulders and, if necessary, take down the enemy.”

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