Sunday, April 11, 2010

Jeremy Kane Benefit Run April 2010

My friend Carrie, who posts over at Villainous Company from time to time, sent a link and asked for help in spreading the word on this.

The Jeremy Kane Benefit Run will take place on Sunday, April 25th "at 10:00am sharp at Cherry Hill East High School" in Cherry Hill, NJ.

From the website for the run:

Lance Cpl. Jeremy Kane was a student at Rutgers-Camden studying Criminal Justice and Political Science. He had joined the Marine Reservists on September 11, 2006 because "he felt that every American had the duty to give back to his country."

When his Reserve Unit was activated for deployment, Jeremy was hesitant leaving his mother behind, as Jeremy's Father recently passed away from stomach cancer. Shedding his reluctance, Jeremy Kane deployed with enthusiasm because he knew it was the right thing to do. For this, Jeremy Kane made the ultimate sacrifice for his family, and country.

We will all run to raise a monument for Jeremy Kane, and other students and graduates of Rutgers who have also sacrificed their lives in the interest of our protection. We ask that you join us on April 25, 2010 to celebrate the fact that such heroes have not passed, but lived.

So, if you are in the vicinity and are willing and able, please considering either participating in the run, or contributing to this cause.

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