Thursday, December 16, 2010

APO Address Giveaway to Brighten a Soldier's Holiday

Dad's Roadhouse up in Illinois is having a little giveaway contest. To show appreciation to our troops, they will send a gift package to a service member. All you have to do to sign up (or sign someone up) is to this post and put the rank, last name and a contact email. PLEASE DO NOT PUT IN THE FULL ADDRESS INFORMATION ON A PUBLIC FORUM LIKE THAT! The drawing will be 6pm Central on Sunday, December 19. As of right now, the odds are pretty good right now, but McQ has also posted it over at Blackfive, so we can expect that to change...

A big THANK YOU to Dad's Roadhouse for supporting the troops!

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Larry said...

Thank you from all of us at Dad's Roadhouse for helping to share the message in your forum. It is a small gift we give compared to what some of the soldier's and their families give every day, but it something we can do to say thanks!