Thursday, July 28, 2016

Breaking radio silence

Wow!  It's been more than three years since last I posted something here.  Things have certainly changed...  I guess you could say I'm now Mrs. Ladybug (3 years this week!), Got laid off coming on two years ago from my job (never did get a teaching job), but that lead to finding a job that I love, one I'd never sought if my previous job hadn't gone away.  Trying to start a family.  Recently involved in Toastmasters (along with the husband), which is why I am here today.  I'm supposed to give a speech on Tuesday (been procrastinating), and I needed some inspiration for my third speech.  Picked out an old post that I'll rework (it is dated in some respects and needs a refresh).  Maybe I'll find the time to pick up writing here from time to time?  Though I think I'll steer clear of the current presidential election - I'm just so disgusted by the whole thing this time 'round....

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