Wednesday, July 11, 2007

How to fix the immigration problem, Part 1

Below is a letter I sent to my Senators. A slightly modified version went to my Representative. Unfortunately, I had to point out to my Representative that it disturbed me that "immigration/border security" was not an option as an issue on his webform... Guess that tells me how important he considers that issue... I'll likely modify it again and send it to the President (fat lot of good THAT will likely do, too).

While the immediate fight over the, thankfully, failed "comprehensive immigration reform" is finished, the problems with our immigration system and the flood of illegal immigrants entering the United States continue. To that end, I want to make sure you were aware of the statistics and forecasts of even legal immigration, as reported by In reading some commentary on the immigration/amnesty issue this evening, someone posted the following link:

This video is from a presentation about the trends of US population growth - both from American citizens (baseline 1970 population, with historic and projected population replacement rates) and legal immigrants. If left at present, unheathly levels, legal immigration with irrevocably change the nature of our Republic. We need to return to 1965 levels of legal immigration, and it would please me to see my Senators take the lead on this issue.

Also, we need to begin addressing the issues that have made our nation an magnet for illegal immigration. In addition to my Federal government enforcing existing laws for exterior and interior immigration/border enforcement, we MUST reinterpret the reading of the 14th Amendment - we cannot allow persons here illegally to produce anchor babies that further complicate the issue of illegal immigration. The purpose Section 1 was to make former slaves into United States citizens. Since we no longer have former slaves in this nation, this part of the 14th Amendment has long outlived its usefulness and should be amended to state that only children of citizens can be granted United States citizenship. Becoming a citizen of this nation is a Privilege, not a Right. Again, I would be very pleased if my Senators would take the lead on this issue.

By no means are these two ideas all that I think needs to be done to fix our broken immigration system, but I do not want to see another "comprehensive" solution. We need to take it one piece at a time, and let each proposal stand on its own merits. To enforce laws Congress has previously enacted is no less than the American public should expect and really should not be considered "an idea"; To begin removing the incentives to illegal immigration is also no less than the American public should expect. I trust you would put the welfare of the American public before all other considerations in the pursuit of protecting the promise that is the United States of America.


Miss Ladybug

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