Thursday, October 4, 2007

Why the Rockies should win the World Series

I mentioned in my post last night that my family is rooting for the Rockies. Good news now is they are up two games to none against the Phillies in their first playoff series. Then, I get an email from my sister with the subject line "Another reason to like the Rockies". It was a link to this article at

Manager Clint Hurdle revealed Thursday that the team [ed. - as in the players, not management] last week voted a full playoff share to Amanda Coolbaugh, whose husband, Mike Coolbaugh, was killed when hit by a foul ball while coaching first base for the Rockies' Double-A Tulsa squad on July 22.

I'm not completely sure what a "playoff share" is - I assume it's whatever "bonus money" goes to the players for reaching each separate post-season playoff series. Assuming this, it is very generous to remember Coolie's family, and to help them out in this way.

Update 10/8/07:

The Colorado Rockies remembered Mike Coolbaugh at Game 3 of the NLDS on Saturday, October 6th. Mike's brother, Scott, accompanied his nephews to throw out a first pitch before the game.

Updated 10/28/07:

Change of Seasons Mandy Coolbaugh used to look forward to October. Then her husband, former Express star Mike Coolbaugh, was killed last summer on the baseball field. (Austin American-Statesman 10/27/07)


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CyberPastor said...

Your assumption is correct. The players can vote a full share or partial share of the split of the money that comes from MLB and it increases the farther they go in the playoffs. This is certainly an awesome example of compassion and real class act!

Sean Sidelko said...

I'm a bandwagon rockies fan as well. As soon as I saw this I just had a feeling that they would go all the way. They aren't playing for them selves, they have a bigger better reason to win and go deep into the playoffs.

Think back to the last time the Avs won the Stanley Cup. Why did they win it? They won it for Ray Borque, at the time, the greatest defenseman in history to never win the cup.

Falling LEAVes said...

When I found out the Rockies were voting a playoff share to the Coolbaugh family, I wanted them to win! Not just for the Rockies, but for the Coolbaugh's too.