Friday, October 12, 2007

Writing my Senators: The Law of the Sea Treaty

Here's my letter to my two senators, in regard to the "Law of the Sea Treaty":


I am very concerned the Senate with ratify the Law of the Sea Treaty (LOST) this fall. Everything I have read about it tells me ratification would subjugate the United States Constitution as being the supreme law of the land. Ratification would make the United States no longer a sovereign nation. I urge you, and all senators, to vote against ratification of this disastrous treaty. Reagan was against this treaty in 1984. It was rejected again in 1994. This treaty would be detrimental to the United States' security and sovereignty. You have no choice to vote against it if you are truly doing what is best for the citizens of Texas and the rest of America.


Miss Ladybug

For more information, you can read here or here or here or here.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Miss Ladybug. Everyone needs to be aware of what this treaty will endure.
Our Government is hoping that they can get this ratified before we can act against it.

Anonymous said...

Every American Citizen desperately needs to be made aware of how the people we put in office is selling our NATION down the river. This is just one of the examples of their doings. Thank you for bring this out in the open..