Monday, February 18, 2008

Racism and intolerance: disappointing at a liberal university

You might think that a gay porn star, speaking at a liberal university, couldn't possibly say anything to garner a negative reaction from the campus community. But, you would think wrong...

Mike Lucas, founder of Lucas Entertainment, a gay adult film company, was at Stanford University, apparently to speak about safe sex and AIDS. Somehow, the subject of Lucas' views on Islam came up. And THAT is what has gotten him into trouble with members of the Stanford community...

Mr. Lucas wrote an Op-Ed that appeared in The Stanford Daily responding to the controvery:

What fostered my distain for Islam? The contempt that Muslim men vomit on women, treating them with less respect than camels. That includes the infibulation — female circumcision — of young girls; the imposition of chadors and burqas; the decapitation of adulterous wives (but never adulterous husbands); the fact that, in most Muslim countries, women cannot go to school, see a doctor or even leave their own houses without a male escort; the approval of polygamy; the arranged marriages that involve girls as young as 9; the barring of women from taking part in public life or in any receptions, even those of their own weddings; the death penalty for drinkers of alcohol; the mutilation penalty for thieves; the public killings of homosexuals. Doesn’t all of this originate from the Koran? Have you ever thought that, instead of protesting me, you should protest against those atrocities, maybe organizing some short demonstration in front of Muslim embassies? Why instead are you unleashing your hate against one who speaks against those crimes? Why are you denying my right to compare the Koran, the text in which these facts originate, to Hitler’s “Mein Kampf?” The Koran, that for 1,400 years has tormented humanity more than the Bible, the Gospels and the Torah combined? Do not suppress or boycott someone who has a different opinion, even if you disagree with this opinion. Debate it. Argue it. In a civilized manner. Otherwise, what is the difference between you and Islam?

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