Thursday, February 28, 2008

Your Story Is Important To Me

I read this over at Any Soldier and emailed Marty Horn inquiring about posting it myself. He let me know it wasn't his place to grant the permission, but that he had forwarded my request to the owner. I am pleased to say permission was granted.

Your Story Is Important To Me

When I think of an American soldier, four words come to mind, Honor, Respect, Freedom and Valor.

Your story is filled with Honor and Respect. Honor for our country and all we hold dear. These brave men and women risk their lives to honor this great nation. All of the service men and women show great respect for our flag and everything it stands for. With everything these wonderful people do, I don't think we show them the respect and honor they deserve in return. I can not think of a more honorable profession than to be a United States Soldier.

Your story is filled with Freedom. We are all free because of the men and women who serve in the military. The war in Iraq is a perfect example of your dedication to protecting not only the freedoms of the American people, but also to helping free people all over the world. We are able to live the way we do and enjoy all of the freedoms we have because of our soldiers. Due to these people, we have the opportunity to do anything we want with our lives. Our soldiers protect our Country so we can keep the freedoms allowed us. They keep our rights safe by defending the constitution. I am able to stand here before you today and share these feelings because our soldiers have risked everything they know to defend my rights.

Your story is filled with Valor. Every member of our military, past and present, are true heroes. These soldiers voluntary risk their lives every day to keep us safe. As far back as the Revolutionary War, our American Soldiers have not given up the fight for what they believe in. Through the wars we have fought, our troops are often out numbered and have faced great odds. It is only through bravery and true heroism that they have fought on and defeated their enemies. They are often asked to sacrifice everything to insure our safety at home. At times, they are asked to leave their families and all that they know behind. They must travel to foreign countries where they don't always know the language or understand the culture. It could mean losing their life to cross a border into some of these countries. Yet they are willing to take that risk. These men and women do jobs that others are afraid to do. A soldier will do whatever is necessary or asked of them to accomplish these tasks.

I don't believe one day a year is nearly enough to honor all of the brave men and women who voluntarily give up so much to defend and protect our country. In my opinion, we all need to show more respect to our veterans. I personally would like to thank you for all you have done.

Katey LeAnne Kilpatrick
(Age 14, 8th Grader)
O'Connell Middle School, Lakewood, CO.

Miss Kilpatrick is a special young lady. I think she did a great job on this essay. And, I'm sure that any member of our Armed Forces will appreciate the sentiments she has expressed.


Norm said...

Little Miss Kilpatrick is indeed a special young lady; she humbles me with her honor. As she is only 14 and I approach my 17th birthday (times 4...I was born on leap year day)I can only wish I was so profound as she. Within all those leap years I have seen war and I have seen peace...I like the latter. I am also a veteran of a war with twenty-one years of service to my country. Although rewarding in so many ways I never got rich for my service but the thanks from Miss Kilpatrick is all the reward I need...Thank you.

ps: 'Kilpatrick' is Irish and so am I...My great-great-great (I forgot how many greats) grandfather or uncle (depending on which branch of the family tree I follow)was the architect of the White House;James A. Hoban from Ireland (look him up)

Nanette West said...

Miss Kilpatrick, as a mother of a fallen soldier, I appreciate your what you have written and I am very impressed with how young you are and how you understand something that most grown adults don't even get. Good Luck with your future you are a bright star. Nanette West
(Mother of 1LT Kile Grant West who died on 5-28-07, Memorial Day in Iraq)