Friday, June 13, 2008

Flag Day

Tomorrow is Flag Day. Last year, when Flag Day was coming up, I posted about What Freedom Means to Me: A Flag Day Story. If you have young children, consider giving it to them. I bought another children's book today, and I'll be posting about it as soon as I can.

Now, for tomorrow, Haole Wahine, emails about the Peace of Mind 5K taking place here in Austin tomorrow morning:

It's flag day, and the republic of TEXAS bikers are in town, so
they want people there waving flags. It oughta be good. They are having a big kick off for the runners, not just runners included. There will be a lot of bikers, and they are wanting a big turn-out for a great picture.

From the RunTex website:

Thousands of men and women have “borne the battle” of serving our country in the Global War on Terrorism and now struggle with the long-term consequences of traumatic brain injury (TBI). In an effort to increase public awareness and support for returning soldiers and their families and other loved-ones, a group of concerned Texans invite you to “pledge your allegiance” to helping the healing of those who have made significant sacrifices for our nation by sponsoring the first running event in the country aimed at specifically benefitting those who sustained combat-related TBI so that they and their families may have a better chance to resume a fulfilling life.

This Flag Day, show your support of these heroes by running in the Peace of Mind 5K.

Proceeds raised from this event will be distributed to education funds within Department Defense/VA Brain Injury Centers (DVBIC), Helping a Hero Organization, Brain Injury Association of Texas, and Easter Seals Central Texas. The common denominator is that all funds will go for a serviceperson or veteran who needs help as a result of their combat-related TBI.

It is set to start at 8am (wheelchair start, with the 5K start at 8:05) at 15th and Congress which is just north of the State Capitol. From when I went down to the National Heroes Tour stop at the Capitol back in March, I do know there is a parking garage just to the east of the Capitol, between 12th and 13th at Trinity (one-way northbound)/San Jacinto (one-way southbound).

I have a commitment to babysit tomorrow, but I'm not sure what time yet. I hope I can be one of many wavers of the American Flag down there tomorrow! Join in if you can!

If you would like to help out financially, there's a site set up for that, too. They have a goal of $50,000, and as of now, they're at 60% of that goal.

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