Sunday, June 8, 2008

Update: JROTC needs help [Bumped]

Yes, it's about 3am. Don't ask ;-)

I was just checking in with all my blog reading before hitting the hay since I've not been home since about 8am Saturday morning until maybe 45 minutes ago. Good thing Saturdays are generally light on posting... Good news from CJ about the fundraiser I had posted about previously: As of May 31, $3307 has been raised towards sending to JROTC cadets to Drill & Ceremony camp. This is $193 shy of the original goal of $3500. Help put it over the top!

Update, 1:40pm: CJ informs me that the Air Force [6/2 - cross-stitch] isn't getting any love. Any Zoomie want to help correct that?

Update 6/8/08: YEAH! Our goal was reached, AND exceeded! Thank you to everyone who helped!

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