Wednesday, November 12, 2008

2008 Project Valour-IT Fundraising Competition

Update 11/15/08, 2:39pm CDT:

Team Army is in second place with $11,037. Total raised overall, so far: $36,473. That's not quite 15% of the $250,000 goal.

It's that time again. Time for the annual Project Valour-IT Fundraiser. Yesterday, I joined Team Army and added the team donation button to the sidebar.

This morning, I received an email from the man who got this whole thing started:

The valour-IT project is out of cash--unless we raise the funds to keep going, it will cease to exist, and the DOD will issue voice software to people who don't have computers to run it.

As of this writing, just over 5% of the goal amount ($250,000) has been raised.

Last night, I found Chuck's post explaining what it's like to try to use a computer without the use of one's hands:

Okay, this is really cool.

First, if you haven't already, maximize your browser window.

Next, (and this is critical) put your drink/cereal/whatever down.

Next, and this is also critical, (trust me--I work for the gummint) you must put your hands under your legs until you finish reading this post.

Now, start reading.

Some of my first memories in the hospital were of an angel at my bedside. Not the winged, harps and choruses kind of angel, but an angel in Human form named Kathleen.

I don't remember what she first said to me. I don't remember much really, but to this day, I still remember the soup.


Soon Kathleen told me there was clear broth to be had


There was just one



I didn't have anyway to feed myself. My hands were bandaged, my shoulders swollen from being dislocated, I had tubes coming out of my arms, which had swollen so much from infection that I now sport scars on both where they had to cut them open to keep them from splitting open on their own--an armpisiotomy, if you will.

I could continue this story, but I won't right now, because if you're reading this, you've failed to follow instructions. You pulled your hand out from under your legs, and either used you mouse or touchpad to scroll down this far.

Being able to use a computer sure is nice, isn't it?

I had the privilege of meeting Chuck's amazing wife, Carren, the weekend of October 18th at SpouseBUZZ Live in San Antonio. She is a strong advocate for Valour-IT and what it gives to our Wounded Warriors who have lost the normal use of their hands, even temporarily. This is an important program, and we should all do whatever we can to ensure that it continues to help those who need have given so much for all of us. This year's theme is "give up something to give to the troops". So, even if all you can do is skip that weekly $5 value meal at McDonald's, it's the least that can be done for them... Please donate. You have until Thanksgiving!

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